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We’re upgrading the fan experience and increasing partner profits with our cutting-edge technology

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Make Every Fan a VIP!

We’re revolutionizing the fan experience at live events.

Tap.in2 allows fans to order concessions, merchandise and experiences on their mobile device, right from their seat. We make every fan a VIP by providing convenience and service while increasing revenue and engagement for our partners.


We’re Making Waves

With Tapin2 Everyone Wins!


Tapin2 allows fans to skip the line. They don’t miss the action and partners don’t miss out on sales.

  • Fans order food, merchandise and promotional experiences in-seat

  • Orders are delivered to them so they don’t miss a moment of the action

  • Convenience, Service & Engagement keep fans coming back, spending more

  • With long lines out and convenience in, loyalty goes up and so do sales

  • Using live data, partners can quickly offer targeted offers, enhance affinity programs and add new revenue streams